Curricular Groups

Curricular Bands

Curricular Bands meet during the school day for one (1) block and earn academic credit. These groups are considered the "core" of the program and it is through them that students learn to master their instruments and musical concepts. Participation in a Curricular Band is a pre-requisite for participating in other ensembles. Students are expected to be enrolled for the entire year.  Some bands require director approval or an audition. Read below about each of our Curricular Bands!

Symphonic Band

The Symphonic Band is the upper level band class at Willow Spring. This band will be composed of sophomores through seniors who have demonstrated mastery of their instruments in Concert Band. Membership is granted by director approval only. The Symphonic Band performs grade 5 and 6 music based on the NCBA state lists. This ensemble will perform and travel more than the Concert Band. In all possible cases, at least three weeks' notice of any extra performance will be given. Students are required to attend all outside-of-class performances and rehearsals. If a scheduled event is missed without a valid excuse, a “0” will be given to the student as a test grade (The director will determine if the excuse is valid).  The Symphonic Band is a honors level course. Students are expected to be enrolled in both semesters.

Concert Band

All freshmen band students take Concert Band, unless they successfully audition for Symphonic Band.  This class is the transition and development level band from middle school, and performs Grade 3 and 4 music based on the NCBA state lists. Concert Band is not to be considered a less important or less serious band class, and is the “growing” area for the Symphonic Band and the Marching Band. In addition, upperclassmen may take this class if they wish to learn a new instrument. Concert Band is non-honors. Students are expected to be enrolled in both semesters.

Percussion Ensemble

The Percussion Ensemble meets in the fall semester to coincide with the Marching Band. This band class will focus on all things percussion, and will perform separately from the concert band classes as well as provide the percussion personnel for each band. Students who audition and earn a spot on the drumline in the Marching Band will be required to take this course. All percussion students are expected to be enrolled in a concert band class in the spring semester. The Band Director will place students in the appropriate leveled course. The Percussion Ensemble is a combined standard/honors level course. Students will complete additional assignments outside of class to earn honors credit.